Airtel Free Night Browsing 2021: How Get Airtel 1.5GB Night Plan.


Airtel Free Night Browsing: How Get Airtel 1.5GB Night Plan


This post will teach you all you need to know about airtel 1.5GB night plan that will helpyou explore the internet as you like at night.


Airtel Nigeria is known for their high speed and wonderful data offer, i never wanted to update this because i felt there will be no need, but i later realize most of you who are my fan might want to browse the internet at night.


Browsing the internet at night while using airtel, it will be wickedness if i allow you to your your own money or your data which is meant for other purpose.


Now lets go to the point, Airtel night plan was officially launched by Airtel Nigeria, making browsing affordable to everyone.


Airtel Free Night Browsing


The Airtel night plan was created for the night only. I mean for midnight and the time to time of expiry have been stated in this article.


And just before you can be allowed to subscribe to the airtel night plan for cheap midnight browsing you will have to migrate to the airtel smart trybe tariff plan.


airtel free browsing


How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Trybe


  • Simply dial *312# and reply 1.


You will receive a message from airtel welcoming you to the new tariff plan (Smart Trybe).

A Quick Short Code To Migrate Easily:


  • Simply dial *312*1# and you’re migrated successfully.


Activation Process: How To Subscribe To Airtel Night Plan – Cheap Midnight Browsing Pack


  • Simply dial *312*3#.


The Airtel night plan is divided into two (2) which are N25 for 500mb while N200 for 1.5gb.


To break it down, kindly follow the below guide to subscribe to your preferred Sirte night browsing pack.


For Airtel 500mb at N25 


  • Simply dial *312#.
  • Reply ‘3’ to view the list
  • Now type ‘1’ and send it.


For Airtel 1.5gb at N200


  • Simply dial *312#.
  • Reply ‘3’ to see the prices
  • Now type ‘2’ and send.


You should receive a message telling you that your subscription or activation was successful. Either popup message or normal text.

How Long Does It Last?


Airtel Night Plan Time


  • Duration: 12:00am – 5:00am which is 5 hours.


It is important to know the exhaustion time. At least for you to know how fast to consume your given data or maybe, take some time.


How To Check Airtel Night Plan Data Balance


I would have said; “simply dial ***#” or related but unfortunately, at the moment, there is no official method or code to check airtel night plan data balance.

And even though airtel hasn’t provided any way yet, there is a trick to do so:


  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Locate and tap on data usage
  • Now set up a data limit of which you receive a warning whenever data reaches the limit.


For example, Set the data limit at 100mb.


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Once you use date up to 99 megabytes you will get a notification and your data connection will be turned off immediately.

That way, you can monitor your airtel plan subscription and make sure you aren’t using too much already.


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