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Ambassador Chijioke Nwadavid A Renowned Philanthropist Who Derives Pleasure From Helping the Indigent.



A truly passionate person never has an off-day. The passion engulfs him and becomes his core essence ,this is particularly true about the founder of NecBullionCharityFoundation  Ambassador Chijioke Nwadavid who is passionate about helping children in indigent communities ascend to a quality life.

It was a sunny weekday in Apo, Abuja when Ambassador Chijioke Nwadavid went to the supermarket to get groceries, as he was done shopping and exiting the building, he was accosted by a little boy begging for money to buy food.

The boy was shabbily dressed and covered in dust, it was obvious from his looks that he had been roaming the streets of Apo all day.
The founder who was naturally drawn to this young chap and his predicament quickly questioned him to find out why he was on the streets at that hour when he should be in school learning.
The young boy who introduced himself as Miracle recounted the story of his life and living condition, his mother’s state amidst other details.

Ambassador Chijioke resolved in his heart to rewrite Miracle’s story. He took him into the supermarket and bought him groceries to take home to his mother. He made him describe their location with a promise of visiting them the next day.

The next day, Ambassador Chijioke stormed Apo with his team in search of Miracle and his mother. When they finally found Miracle and his mother in their deplorable living condition, he was further moved to help Miracle’s mother too. His reason being that helping Miracle without helping his mother will be counter-productive and unsustainable, thereby inhibiting Miracle’s transformation.

Ambassador Chijioke inquired from Miracle’s mother if she had any skill or business experience that he can help her boost. She explained that she was working for a food vendor and garnered experience from her former boss. Ambassador Chijioke demanded that she made a list of everything she needed to start the business which she did end he funded her instantly to go and acquire kitchen utensils for the business.
The next puzzle to be solved was their living condition, their home was a water-logged uncompleted building where they laid their makeshift bed made of cartons with wrapppers as bedsheets. It was important for him to move them out of there because no child can possibly have enough focus to read in such living conditions.

The search for a decent apartment for Miracle and his mother rolled into motion immediately. The next and most important puzzle for Ambassador Chijioke was finding a school to enroll young Miracle. The school had to be in close proximity to their new apartment so he scouted for a school around the neighborhood of their proposed apartment.

The next day after the visit to Miracle’s makeshift home, a decent room was rented and furnished for Miracle and his mother and a space was paid for to enable her vend food in her new neighborhood in order for her to have a sustainable source of income to take care of Miracle.

The next Monday became Miracle’s first day at school. Ambassador Chijioke and the #NecBullionCharityFoundation team took Miracle to school and enrolled him.

This is the story of how a truly passionate heart can literally change the course of a young child’s life and steer it in the right direction, are you inspired?

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