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Atletico Madrid Have Ruled Out Selling Joao Felix



Atletico Madrid Have Ruled Out Selling Joao Felix

Atletico Madrid think a Saul-Griezmann trade bargain is conceivable, as indicated by ‘Mundo Deportivo’. They will complete it, yet they are clear they won’t go through large cash or put Joao Felix in the arrangement. All the pressing factor is on Barcelona: at the Wanda Metropolitano they are glad to stay with the current crew.

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have been holding extraordinary discussions as of late. Griezmann could get back to the Wanda and Saul could go to the Camp Nou. A straight trade which could be declared soon. It simply needs the footballers to concur.

On this conceivable trade bargain, the two clubs have made their sentiments understood. Barca have said that they won’t pay a solitary euro of Griezmann’s compensation. On the off chance that that trade is done, Atletico Madrid need to consent to pay his whole compensation. They would prefer not to submit a similar misstep they made with Suarez a year back.

Atletico Madrid have additionally defined limits. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ says that Atletico Madrid won’t pay any insane sum for the transition to go on. They would have no issue if the arrangement were not done. All in all, if Saul remained at Atleti and Griezmann at Barca.

It is actually the case that Atletico Madrid might want to have the Frenchman back. They feel that, on the off chance that he joins the assault, they would have a powerful strike power for the 2021-22 season. Be that as it may, Atletico won’t drive things.

As indicated by this source, Atletico Madrid accept that the pressing factor is on Barcelona. They should lessen the compensation bill and that is the reason they are considering delivering Griezmann.

Something else they have said is that Joao Felix is distant. As of now, there has been discussion of Barca requesting the Portuguese aggressor rather than Saul. Nonetheless, the Madrid based club won’t acknowledge that. Atletico will let Saul, in spite of the fact that they don’t need him to leave either, however Felix won’t go under any conditions. Presently Barca need to react.

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