How to creat a good content on Google to earn good SEO ranking.

Creating a good content that meet the need of your audience should be your primary goal. Before creating any content, think of how it will look like, how helpful it will be to your audience and how the content will be displayed in your blog to your audience. Some important point you should think about when creating a content are:

1, think like your audience: when creating a content which you really want to be rank for, you have to think like your audience. This is a very good tool which have been tested over the years and is working. Think of how you should feel if you are getting it from other sites.

2, how you can turn your casual visitors to your regular user: this is very important, infact it is a goal of all publisher to have a regular user or visitors. But this can not just be achieve so easily, creating good contents which meet to the demand of your audience can earn you a regular visitor and it will help you rank well on Google SEO.

3, be brief and precise too many words might lead to bored moment and many readers will lost focus, and your content become useless to the user. when giving out a clue let ot be clear and understandable to your audience to earn a better position on Google search engine.

4, what did your user want? What make them to land on your page? And what content do you creat to meet their need? : After asking yourself this question you show be able to analyze the aim of your content and how useful it will be to your users. This part should be taken serious why creating a content on Google.

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