They Are Picking Human Being Meat Everywhere_Nigerians Reacts To Gas Explosion In Ajao Estate Lagos.

Earlier today there was a news of Gas explosion which occurred in Ajao Estate, Lagos State Nigeria, the explosion has killed many people leaving scores of others injured.

According to sources, the explosion came from a nearby gas filling station which sadly claimed innocent lives and damage property in neighborhood.

The incident has however stair up a lot of reactions among Nigerians social media users, some of the reactions are provided below.

Eduardo wrote;

So gas explosion in my estate they are picking human being meat everywhere Dark night in Ajao Estate

Ololade wrote;

An explosion just hit at Afariogun Road Ajao Estate. The whole building came up with flames while lots of properties were tuned into ashes. May God forgive those who lost their lives and for those who lost their properties, may God grant them what is better than what they lost.

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