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How to use any gift card to pay bills and recharge in Nigeria



When it comes to online transactions, one of the features that people look out for is convenience. Nobody wants to spend several minutes performing a transaction when another platform can get it done in a shorter time.

Dtunes is an excellent exchange platform that cuts bureaucracies and other formal routes to make giftcards transactions fast and secure.

One of the interesting things to note about Dtunes is how you can use gift card to pay bills. In this piece, we’ll show you a more befitting way to pay bills and recharge in Nigeria with gift cards.

Here are some steps to get started

  • Download Dtunes app on Google Playstore

Visit Google Playstore, search “Dtunes”, and click “install”. In a few seconds, you can install Dtunes App on your mobile device.

  • Set up your account

When you launch Dtunes app, you need to submit some important details like your Email, phone number, and password. We advise you select a strong password that is not easily guessable. After this phase, check your mail for an OTP to confirm your registration.

  • Add your bank details and set up your wallet

You need to set up your bank details because this is where you will be credited after selling your gift cards in Nigeria. Creating your wallet is equally important because this is what enables you to perform different transactions on the app.

  • Sell your Giftcards

On the home page, click on the Giftcards category and select the giftcards you want to trade. After your Giftcard has been verified to be successful, your wallet will be credited. You can make payment for bills from your wallet like Ikeja Electric, DSTV or GoTV Subscription, etc.

How to use any gift card to pay bills and recharge in Nigeria

To pay bills and recharge in Nigeria, Dtunes App is your one-stop-shop for getting these done. All you need do is exchange your gift card to pay bills and get credited to your wallet.


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